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Jobs at FSD Africa

Jobs at FSD Africa

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Created in 2012, FSD Africa is a £30 million financial sector development programme or ‘FSD’ based in Nairobi. It is funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID). FSD Africa aims to reduce poverty across sub-Saharan Africa by building financial markets that are efficient, robust and inclusive.

Principal Innovation and Resilience

Project Design & Implementation and Risk Management

Ensure the effective implementation of innovation for resilience and insurance regulatory projects; ensuring that the results anticipated in the MRM framework are achieved:

  • Conceptualise, design and write investment proposals including results measurement and risk management frameworks.
  • Following approval, develop detailed implementation plans; including budgets and procurement of consultants / implementing partners as required.
  • Ensure the effective implementation of projects so that milestones of the project plan are achieved on time and to standard.
  • Lead monitoring, results management, and learning for all projects being implemented; ensuring objective analysis of results and appropriate corrective actions as required to optimise FSD Africa’s beneficial impact.
  • Provide high quality technical advice and support to Implementing Partners, Consultants and other project stakeholders in Government Debt Markets
  • Ensure comprehensive and timely communication with all project stakeholders.

Financial management & fundraising

Lead the management of the finances associated with the Innovation for Resilience and Insurance Regulation Programmes, aiming to optimise the impact that is achieved with resources and ensuring compliance with FSD Africa’s and Donor policies:

  • Identify opportunities for fundraising and co-funding for the work of FSD Africa & support with proposal development as requested.
  • Conceptualise how funds and other limited resources may be best allocated to achieve optimum impact; including supervising the work of consultants to optimise value for money.
  • Track and monitor budget spend and associated activities ensuring cost effective utilisation of resources and timely achievement of financial targets.
  • Ensure that the accountability requirements of donors are met and that good relationships with funders are maintained at all times.

Influencing & Communicating for Impact

Drive transformative market development through effective influencing, advocacy, and communication strategies:

  • Lead stakeholder mapping; identifying key decision makers/ power brokers/ customer groups and developing innovate ideas for influencing them and/ or transforming their mindsets.
  • Develop and implement strategies for influencing key stakeholders and driving market and risk management innovation; for instance, advocating for policy reform.
  • Work collaboratively with the Advocacy and Communications team to develop and implement work plans and budgets; ensuring that efforts are monitored and evaluated to ensure impact.
  • Contribute to the implementation of the Communication strategy (e.g. by developing content for written materials/ website; participating in campaigns etc); participate in and contribute to the development of annual and quarterly reports.
  • Represent FSD Africa in public forums and networking opportunities and/or convene stakeholders in order to build awareness and influence the thinking around risk market development; at all times behaving in a manner consistent with FSD Africa’s brand and values.

Implementing partner engagement & capacity building

Support the Director, Risk and Resilience in identifying, engaging and empowering key implementing partners; so that they are equipped to operate effectively and contribute to development objectives:

  • Ensure appropriate selection of partners; ensuring optimal combinations of partners to bring out their synergies for the programmes e.g. political economics, due diligence, influence, etc.
  • Build and maintain relationships with senior leaders in chosen implementing partners, leveraging new opportunities that may arise and dealing promptly with relationship difficulties.
  • Engage partners in joint strategizing and the development of projects that will leverage change and have a positive impact on insurance market development.

Team Leadership and Unit Management

Lead staff and consultants in a manner that empowers them to add value to FSD Africa and deliver high standards of performance:

  • Ensure that the Innovation for Resilience Programme is resourced with the expertise necessary to deliver on strategy & project implementation, through a combination of recruitment and management of staff and procurement of consultants.
  • Ensure that each team member (staff and consultants) is provided with clarity concerning goals and expectations of their personal role in achieving results, standards and behaviour.
  • Plan and organise the work of the team to accomplish project strategic & project goals and targets in the most cost-effective and impactful manner possible.
  • Ensure delivery of an engaging leadership style that motivates team members and results in high performance.

Carry out any other duties or special assignments as assigned by the Management.


Qualifications and Education

  • Masters degree and 12 years of experience or Bachelors Degree and 14 years of experience in areas if technical specialism, including at a senior level in Financial Markets environment
  • Excellent skills in written and spoken English

Essential Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

  • At least 12 years of experience in the areas of technical specialism, including at a senior level, in a financial markets environment.
  • Ability to manage project portfolio of significant budget
  • Ability to manage project diversity and complexity
  • Ability to manage significant complexity and conceptual sophistication
  • Successful track record of delivery of results in the area of technical specialism and the provision of technical assistance
  • Track record of managing relationships and influencing key stakeholders at leadership or specialist level
  • Experience in conducting and analysing research
  • Understanding of the development world and strategic MRM (preferred)

Assistant, Capital Markets

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES AND ROLE REQUIREMENTS                                                                                              

Programme Management and Portfolio Analysis

Support the team across all elements of the project management cycle including project design, approval document preparation, preparation of terms of reference and tracking of progress on projects.

  • Support the team in preparation of concept notes, project summaries and/or proposals as required for procurement or for approval by management, investment committee or board as may be required.
  • Take part in relevant pillar meetings and maintain records of such meetings to ensure follow – up and implementation of action items where relevant.
  • Analyse the capital markets portfolio and prepare reports for presentation at relevant forums such as the Capital Markets Pillar strategy sessions.
  • Provide input and support in the migration process and implementation of the ERP system.
  • Provide support in tracking, monitoring, and reporting on pillar risk matters.
  • As required, provide support in resource planning, budget analysis and management.

Fundraising Support

Proactively support the pillar’s fundraising efforts to ensure identification, recording and pursuit of relevant fundraising opportunities.

  • Maintain and track the pillar fundraising database and share periodic updates on progress made in the fundraising efforts.
  • Support the team’s response to fundraising opportunities for example through undertaking of detailed research, development of concept notes or proposals.

Research and Capital Markets Collateral

Support in undertaking of research and development of relevant collateral required by the team to achieve the pillar’s strategic knowledge management objectives.

  • Support the maintenance of the Capital Markets knowledge management database and leverage data and information from the database for various operational and strategic objectives.
  • Prepare presentations and documentation as well as other analytical pieces and collateral required by the Capital Markets Pillar for stakeholder engagements.
  • Support the development of the capital markets impact report.
  • Support the development of collateral required for capital markets events such as concept notes.

Results Tracking and Impact Analysis

Ensure monitoring and evaluation of results is robust and relevant e.g., through timely data collection and active maintenance of a results tracker.

  • Support with impact analysis of capital markets project as part of periodic pillar report or to inform reporting to external parties.
  • Support in tracking and ensuring the completeness and timeliness in submission of periodic reports submitted by implementing partners.
  • Maintain and update the capital markets results tracker and share regular updates on the tracker as required by the team or with other stakeholders such as the Development Impact team.

Communication for impact

Support the pillar’s communications and knowledge sharing activities and initiatives.

  • Work with the Capital Markets Pillar team members to collate content for the FSD Africa quarterly newsletter.
  • Work with project teams to support the execution of communication strategies and ensure website updates for respective projects.
  • Support the Capita Markets Pillar team members in drafting and disseminating communications to stakeholders.
  • Support the pillars knowledge management initiatives including working with the project teams and the communications team to provide support in hosting webinars, forums, workshops, or conferences, develop brochures or other relevant publications.


Qualifications and Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business, Finance or related fields

Essential Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

  • 1 year of working experience in the developing economies, preferably in Africa.
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Creative thinker with a passion for economic and social development through private sector investment.
  • Appreciation of the capital markets with some practical work experience in the capital markets.

Assistant, Human Resources


Recruitment & On-Boarding

Coordinate recruitments according to good practice, aiming to attract and recruit candidates who go on to give a good performance in the role:

  • Substantiates applicants’ skills by short listing, administering, and scoring tests.
  • Schedules interviews and coordinates HR appointments with the Assistant Manager, HR
  • Orientation and induction focal person; Welcomes new employees, provides information to new employee’s members on their employment conditions and entitlements, including on-entry briefings, work with the Assistant Manager, HR to facilitate orientation and file orientation reports as espoused in the project on orientation and induction.
  • In coordination with the HR team, run all employee related satisfaction / pulse surveys and work with the team to implement corrective action.
  • Collects and provides payroll information to the Director HR and Payroll each month.
  • Maintain HR (including non-personnel) files; Track and compile the employee leave schedules, setting up all staff absence by receiving and filing leave authorizations, performing the functions of absence monitoring and recording; Advise staff on their leave entitlements.
  • Maintains employee information by entering and updating employment and status-change data in HRIS.

HR Admin, Communication & Compliance

  • Assist the Manager, L&D, Sr. Manager, Talent in fostering of employee learning initiatives; talent management and growth, facilitating learning initiatives, recommending, and enrolling teams into short-term courses that are beneficial to the competency framework and in accordance FSD Africa courses and individual development plans.
  • Ensure HR related data for monthly payroll and payroll schedules are submitted as scheduled each month. Maintain relevant documentation in requisite folders.
  • Works with Assistant Manager, HR to manage all Invoices, PAF and any such procurement support.
  • Under the guidance of the Director HR & Talent, responsible for HR internal communications including the HR Newsletter, Announcements, Organisation Charts, and other such publications. Provides secretarial support by entering, formatting, and printing information; organizing work; answering the telephone; relaying messages; maintaining equipment and supplies.
  • Maintains the pillar minutes and pillar related files for all pillar meetings.
  • Works with the HR & Talent Pillar team to schedule meetings and plan with vendors for all such efforts
  • Maintains employee confidence and protects operations by keeping human resource information confidential.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Coordinate with Assistant Manager, Sr Manager Talent and Auditors on any HR documentation required for routine and scheduled compliance and risk activities.
  • Work with the Assistant Manager, HR to verify benefits claims for accuracy- medical, group life/WIBA and liaise with employees and benefits vendors to action based on the SLA.
  • Maintains employee confidence and protects HR operations by keeping HR information confidential.
  • Carry out any other duties or special assignments as assigned by the Management.


Qualifications and Education

  • Degree level with a minimum of 1 years’ experience or Higher Diploma with at least 2 years of experience.
  • Either professional membership of Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development or other certificating body OR the degree is in Human Resource Management
  • Excellent written and spoken English

Experience, Knowledge and Skills

  • Basic knowledge of best practice in HR Management is essential
  • Evidence of ability to apply theory to a real situation logically and ethically
  • Good skills in MS Office (word and excel)
  • As indicated by the competency framework below – high drive for results and an ability to be organised plus outstanding interpersonal skills

Senior Manager, Talent

Risk & Compliance Management

Ensure that potential risks associated with the organization’s employment of staff are identified & mitigated, including safeguarding strategies, data protection and compliance with relevant HR legislation:

  • Ensure full understanding of HR-related risks and the risk management protocols that need to be in place; support the Director Talent in development and updating of policies and procedures.
  • Manage the employee HR records; ensuring that all required information is on file, retained for the statutory time and disposed of thereafter, in compliance with data management policies.
  • Work with the Safeguarding Officers, and Director HR & Talent to develop and provide training on legal and compliance issues to staff at all levels, including safeguarding, equality & inclusion, anti-discrimination, and other trainings mandated by policy.
  • Prepare for and support audits; ensure that any corrective actions relating to HR management are closed out in a timely manner.
  • Lead the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and operationalize the workplan with the OSH Committee, working collaboratively with the Director Talent to ensure that staff safety and security statutory protocols are in place and utilised and all risk mitigated.
  • Manage function specific budget and ensure prudent application to align with budget principles and the spirit of the HR policies and procedures.

Team leadership

Lead the team of staff and consultants in a manner that empowers them to add value to the organisation and deliver high standards of performance:

  • Ensure the team is resourced with the expertise necessary to deliver on strategy implementation through a combination of recruitment and management of staff.
  • Ensure that each team member is provided with clarity concerning goals and expectations of their personal role in achieving results, standards, and behaviour through the Performance Contracts and Job Descriptions
  • Plan and organise the work of the team to accomplish strategic & project goals and targets in the most cost-effective and impactful manner possible; includes managing functional budget, supervising consultants engaged in talent management interventions via good practice in project management.
  • Monitor and review performance and hold both staff and consultants accountable for achieving results, meeting standards of excellence, taking decisive action in the case of poor performance.
  • Ensure delivery of an engaging leadership style that motivates team members and results in high performance.

Carry out any other duties or special assignments as assigned by the Management


Qualifications and Education

  1. Master’s degree and 9 years of experience or bachelor’s degree and 11 years of experience as an HR generalist with at least 2 years at a management or supervisory level
  2. Either a degree in Human Resource Management or accreditation from a recognised certificating body (e.g., CIPD or equivalent).
  3. Professional association membership in country of residence is desirable.
  4. Excellent skills in written and spoken English.

Essential Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

  1. Excellent knowledge of talent management good practice with a track record of leading practical implementation
  2. High attention to detail and follow-through with superior communication, writing, and presentation skills
  3. Effective relationship-builder at all levels of an organization; ability to guide and influence management and staff and external stakeholders.
  4. Demonstrated track record of rigorous project management skills and achievement of results.
  5. Track record of acting with high levels of professionalism, discretion, and discernment; committed to upholding principles of equity, inclusion, and confidentiality.

Method of Application

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